An Unreal event.

So, QSer Kevin Standley has joined with other Unreal developers to build content for the next Unreal Tournament game. UT4 as it is affectionately called is currently in the pre-alpha phase.

Kevin is prototyping a CTF level with flag bases separated by glass in lower levels. Twin landing decks on the top.

CTF-Photovoltaics blue base screen shot
CTF-Photovoltaics blue base screen shot

Right now I’m calling the level CTF-Photovoltaics. The plan is to have solar panels surrounding the outside perimeter of the level

 Kevin said.  Photovolaics is defined as the production of electric current at the junction of two substances. Kevin is hoping to use the idea of the solar panels affecting the environment.

CTF-Photovoltaics topside image
CTF-Photovoltaics topside

Soon Kevin will be submitting the prototype to the UT Dev community for path testing. The current images will not represent the finished product, they are just built for flow and item/weapon placement.

ScreenShot00002 ScreenShot00019 ScreenShot00046 ScreenShot00049

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